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Brendar, You exploding flower you! Nice web site, even better "aurt" (half art, half aura). Ya Ya! Betsy and Garry

Your site reflects exactly the exhuberant avalanche of fun, whimsy, thought, feeling, satire, humor, beauty, message, and pure uniqueness, in a word, art, that we have all come to expect from you. All of it, covered with a light delicious coating of the most subtle hint of decadence and good natured irreverance. Your site, your work, it's you. Marvelous, darling.

What a wonderful site--you should be proud!! Brenda, you are truly blessed with talent and a great eye!! Miss you! Terrie Moore

You sure as the devil knows a lot of good lookin people. Why is that all the people i knows is fat men in Oshkosh overalls? Explain that. Merl Skidmore

Brenda, It was such a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for working so well with the children and me. Your website is beautiful - I can't wait to see the photographs. Lynn Wigington

hey girlfriend - OH MY GOD!! Your website is the most beautiful website I have ever seen! Those pictures are amazing Brenda. Really, I just think that was awesome....Kelly

Hi Brenda, Lynda Moulton sent me your website. Your eye projects such a deep expression of love in each piece of work. What a talented artist you are. My best. Linda Long,

Brenda, WOW!!!! I knew I'd LOVE your work. It was such a pleasure meeting you a few years ago. I'm honored to share the name of Brenda with such a beautiful woman with a beautiful mind. Your work is stunning!!!!!!! The displaced Texan in NY. Brenda (Suz T. cousin)

Brenda, what a lovely website. It is so "Brenda" meaning artistic, expressive and pleasing. Keep it up. Marcy

Brenda, the more I peruse your website, the more I am drawn in to it. I am constantly going back to re-view. You are the mighty artist! Pete

Brenda, you are beautiful and you burn from the inside out! Buried treasure dicovered in downtown Corpus Christi! In short Brenda, you are... WESTLIGHT STUDIO!!! -your not so secret admirer, Federico

Brenda, Brenda, my beautiful pearlescent goddess amiga, I have questions about Diana's. Do you have to develop the film yourself or will a shop do it for you? Also if my bathroom has a red light in it will that do as a dark room? It's a heat lamp. I will be home around the 19th or 20th. Let's play with polaroids. Love and miss you dearly daahhling. -------- Lisita Perlita

Thanks again for making me realize how blessed I am to be Zachary and Jack'smother- your pictures always capture them perfectly - how I see them in myheart. --Sherry Rumley